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Oprettet 23. October 2020 kl. 09:23
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You can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room

The new Chinese-style decoration style is very particular about the sense of space. and then creatively combines them after cutting. It mainly uses materials such as pebbles, tiles, shellfish, glass sheets, glass beads, etc. The combination of Chinese and Western styles is also unique. Wallpaper: You can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room. 2. The color of Chinese decoration pays attention to a kind of flow. It is not a simple stacking of pure elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, it combines modern and traditional elements in one place, with modern aesthetics.

The simple and elegant small pinstripe grid pattern is the main style. They are decorated with warm and soft sets of fabrics. For example, wallpapers with Bible stories and characters are very typical European style. Living room: As a hospitality area, the living room is generally simple, bright and bright. Need to create things rich in traditional charm, so that the heritage of traditional art can be passed on. If you want to know more about furniture, let me take you to know more about furniture. Linen and canvas fabrics are not very fashionable, while silk fabrics are more noble.

The combination of a small amount of white makes the color look bright and generous, making the whole space open and tolerant, and it is not cramped. On the wall of the home (as long as it is not a load-bearing wall), you can use semi-piercing or full-piercing methods to shape the indoor scenery windows. It is necessary to have a spacious space to accommodate a double-door refrigerator and sufficient work surface. This It is not only reflected in the fondness of antique art in soft decoration and decoration, but also reflected in the preference for all kinds of antique wall and floor tiles and stone and the pursuit of various old craftsmanship in decoration. Decorative paintings: The rooms decorated in European style should be matched with cumbersome lines and thick-looking frames. Mainly divided into British, French and American pastoral styles British pastoral style: The British pastoral style is mainly characterized by gorgeous fabrics and pure hand-made production.

Mosaic inlays and collages are considered more ornate decorations in the Mediterranean style. As a private space for the owner, the focus is mainly on functionality and practical comfort.End Coffee Table Factory This style has become popular in recent years. In order to convey people's pursuit of life in a specific cultural atmosphere. Circular arches and cloisters are usually connected in several ways or connected vertically, which gives a feeling of extension when walking around. Lace curtains on the headboard, and one or two classical-style decorations are placed. Most of Southeast Asian furniture is made locally. European style emphasizes more changeable lines and often rich colors to achieve a more romantic style.

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