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Oprettet 18. November 2020 kl. 02:09
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The original shape and smooth surface are maintained when inputting

Able to crop graphics in Super-EDS 98, born with stitches. Since each character is drawn by vector graphics, regardless of the size and font type, the original shape and smooth surface are maintained when inputting. When grabbing the node of the pen and ink square, every slender movement is reflected on the surface line of the font. When this setting is invalid, the characters on the pen and ink line will be separated according to the character spacing specified by the user.

When used, the character string will be born again with minimal jumpers and needle movement, and the characters can be cut or not cut. Taking the initiative to leave spaces or China Spray Printing Embroidery Machine Manufacturers adjusting the character spacing can handle this kind of results. The advantage of Super-EDS 98 is that when you adjust each node, you can see the changes of all and each character, while the rest of the system only displays the box for each character. True Type Fonts A universal font that can be found in the Fonts folder of the Windows directory.

Take the initiative to leave space/character space adjustment How can the character space of 'I' be wider than the rest of the characters? This is the achievement of many embroidery users. The shortest over-the-line position One of the key factors in the invention of fonts is the use of minimal manual stitches and thread trimming. Super-EDS 98 will generate the shortest line crossing position according to the stitch sequence

When other systems cannot achieve perfect active fonts due to the possibility of different character combinations, Super-EDS 98 has been able to create fonts with the closest connection points. Since users can invent and add their own fonts to the font library, the function of the shortest line position will also be used here. Lianke embroidery net This technique can display the surface of font changes in time to facilitate the creation of special or 3D fonts. Timely display the consequences of font changes

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