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Oprettet 19. November 2020 kl. 02:27
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Polyethylene can also be used to make extruded foam products in a similar way

Polyethylene can also be used to make extruded foam products in a similar way. Extrusion is often used for manufacturing Sheets or plates, sheets can be made into food packaging boxes and trays after vacuum suction molding. Core material foam, PMI foam, high temperature resistant foam What are the commonly used composite core material foam plastic PMI foam plastic flame retardant foaming agent application.

Sheet: Ordinary polystyrene pellets can also be used, and halogenated hydrocarbons are added to the appropriate part of the extruder to mix them evenly with the plastic melt, and expand and foam when the material leaves the machine head. Under the molding conditions that the glass microspheres will not break, a special closed-cell foam can be prepared. The dissolution method is to mix soluble substances such as salt, starch, etc.

The physical methods for introducing gas include the dissolution method and the hollow microsphere method.Core material foam plastic>Physical performance characteristics of core material foam plastic: Foaming principle: often dissolve low boiling point hydrocarbons or halogenated hydrocarbons into plastics, the plastics will soften when heated, and the dissolved liquid will evaporate and expand and foam. For example, polystyrene foam can be prepared by dissolving pentane into the monomer during the suspension polymerization of styrene, or treating the polystyrene resin polymerized into beads with pentane under heating and pressure to produce the so-called Expandable polystyrene beads.

The material foam hollow microsphere method is to mix hollow glass microspheres with a high melting temperature with a plastic melt. with resin, form a product, and then place the product in water for repeated treatments to dissolve the soluble substance to obtain an open-cell foam product, which is mostly China Wholesale Radom foam used as a filter material. The beads are pre-expanded in hot water or steam, and then placed in a mold to pass steam, so that the pre-expanded particles will expand and fuse with each other, and they will be obtained after cooling A product with the same shape as the mold cavity. In this case, the foamable beads can be used to foam and extrude them at one time. The extrusion molding method can also be used. The core material foam is widely used as a shockproof material in insulation and packaging

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