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Oprettet 19. November 2020 kl. 06:48
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There are many reasons for the increase in bearing

The oil slinger ring is still motor bearing manufacturers. A Dg15 oil inlet pipe is installed on the oil inlet side of each bearing, and a Dg15 valve is installed to adjust the amount of oil. The 0.2MPa pressure directly sprays the journal. Approximately 4L/min of lubricating oil for each bearing bush flows through the bearing surface. The sufficient amount of oil forms a certain oil film to ensure that the friction surface is in a state of liquid friction and to take away the heat generated by the bearing in time. Use the reserved interface of the bearing seat as the oil return interface (pipe diameter is Dg50), so that the oil chamber still maintains the original oil level.

When the external circulation device fails or is out of power, resulting in a short-term accident, the slinger ring can still supply oil to the bearing bush. After the staff on duty finds that the tile temperature rises quickly and the temperature is high, they can deal with it in time and take measures to avoid tile burning accidents. In order to confirm the reliability of the external circulation cooling device of the motor bearing, after the device is installed,

all the primary fan, air supply, sealing fan and induced draft fan of the No. 6 boiler are started, and they are operated at full load according to the rated working conditions of the equipment for 48 hours. During the whole process, the highest temperature was always kept at about 37°C, indicating that the above-mentioned scheme worked well. 4 Conclusion There are many reasons for the increase in bearing temperature.

If it is caused by vibration, it can be dealt with in terms of rotor dynamic balance, shafting center finding, foundation stiffness, magnetic field line center, etc. If it is caused by the temperature increase caused by heat transfer and other problems, it is often difficult to find the root cause only from the mechanical and structural analysis. At this time, it is necessary to analyze the lubrication principle to find the reason and solve the bearing fundamentally. The problem of high temperature. By installing a set of forced external circulation cooling device, we have improved the cooling and lubrication method of the bearing bush, and effectively solved the defect of high bearing temperature.

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