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Oprettet 12. January 2021 kl. 07:13
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It controls three bulb lights at the same time

There are many ways to use the application, such as infrared, mobile phone, etc. This Philips product, we are talking about today is 199. Every July, Macroblock Lighting Design Forum will enter Shenzhen, a special economic zone, and gather with more than 200 people from the lighting industry,

including design masters, business executives, and engineering companies, to discuss the beauty of lighting and the beauty of design from a new perspective. First, let’s talk about a case. ., Ltd. It controls three bulb lights at the same time, but it costs $199. According to the organizer Taiwan Macroblock Technology Co. Today, we invite guests who are truly differentiated to share with us the application of smart lighting.

Through design, light flows in buildings and spaces, reflecting each other. It’s called Hue. Opportunities created by product differentiation. Therefore, this design has gone beyond the lighting itself. Moderator: Now we want to differentiate in everything we do. In the interactive communication session of the highlight, the speakers and the participants were eloquent, which caused another climax of the forum.

The value it creates is not functional lighting, but can shape functions in addition to functional lighting, which is impossible for ordinary functional lighting. Such a device, in waterproof led wall pack with sensor suppliers a home with children, parents tell stories before going to bed, it can change with the change of the plot, and the placement only needs a small space, and the value it brings to us is very high. Host: Last year's forum we talked about the blue ocean of lighting, and this year we talked about light quality and light control. However, the application of smart lighting is not only the basic function of traditional lighting, it will bring out many aspects in the future

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Waterproof led wall pack with sensor

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