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Oprettet 13. January 2021 kl. 02:06
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Seaweed and fish are interdependent

In many cases, seaweed and fish are interdependent. Due to the dense growth, after the bait was put down, it was immediately hidden in a patch of grass. Once the red tide occurs, it will spread like a plague, which will not only make the water deprived of oxygen, but will also produce toxins.

For example, kelp, in addition to bringing oxygen to the fish, the marine organisms attached to it also provide food for the fish. During fishing in the past, we have found residues of seaweed in fish maw, indicating that fish occasionally eat seaweed. This article refers to a kind of green seaweed that is similar to watercress and grows on the bottom of the sea. According to this situation, if the above conditions do not exist, you can use the boat fishing method to lure bottom fish to half-water.

Seaweed generally grows in the shallow sea bordering the land, and attaches to certain substances on the seabed, such as ropes for fixing cultures, seabed stakes and sediments. But after all, the two are different. However, in the fishing club, we didn't know where there were seaweed before we went fishing, so it was difficult to prevent it in advance. The same is true in the ocean world, as ordinary seaweed cannot grow on sand.Speaking of seaweed, sometimes itWholesale China fishing swivel Factory is quite annoying.

Everyone knows that the sandy land on land is only suitable for a few endemic plants, but most plants are difficult to survive. The fish also remove the parasites for the kelp, making it thrive. Shellfish that are not easy to die can also endanger the lives of fish because they are contaminated with toxins. At present, the artificial culture of kelp and laver is mostly suspended and suspended in the upper waters, which has little effect on the fishing of bottom fish. You haven't moved for a long time while fishing, but after lifting your rod, you are very heavy, thinking that you have caught a fish, and finally pulled up a bunch of seaweed

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