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Oprettet 13. January 2021 kl. 05:43
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My new house will take 3 months to renovate

Yesterday afternoon, the Height Adjustable Shower Slide Bar Holder consulted the decoration city. Wei asked for a refund. 'It's not an unreasonable return. Wei was an event discount, now the discount period has expired. Wei was puzzled. Wei paid the money and told the store to leave the toilet in the warehouse first, and wait for the house to be installed.

Wei asked the store whether there is a toilet of the same style with a 400mm pitch that can be exchanged, and got a negative answer. Wei paid the full amount.. In addition, in order to make up for the loss of customers, the merchant proposed to replace the bathroom products of the same brand with a pit distance of 400mm. 'My new house will take 3 months to renovate.

Explain the specific situation of the toilet with the  customer, including the size, material, function, etc. Yesterday morning, the decorator whom Mr. But because the toilet bought by Mr. He asked for a return but was rejected by the merchant. Wei ordered a 'Hecheng Sanitary Ware' flush toilet in a decoration city in Wuzhong District, ready to install it in the newly bought house.

Wei refused to accept this method. However, Mr.' The staff member said that if the toilet has quality problems, the merchant will definitely return it, but now the toilet There is no such problem. In desperation, Mr. 'Our order form indicated that this toilet has a pit distance of 300mm, and it also stated that there are no quality problems that will not be returned. A staff member said that the shopping guide had already been when the toilet was sold. It is indeed the wrong size and it has not been delivered yet. Wei, a citizen of Suzhou, recently bought a new toilet for his new home.

I really couldn’t hold back. I went to look for her. It’s a tile.' It seems that I am a veteran, and I can still use this trick, I am secretly happy. ''Why did someone throw them away?' 'Their house is getting more recent renovations! This is what they unloaded.My girlfriend is a typical collector.' 'Ah! What's so beautiful about the tiles, Don’t they all look the same? I don’t have much feeling about ceramic tiles. She also used a photo frame to set it up. I was a little short-sighted, and I didn’t see what it was, so I ran over to help. I asked her, 'What kind of idea is this!' She whispered, 'It’s nothing! I like collecting tiles more recently, and I have classified them. I put it on my shoulders

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