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Oprettet 22. February 2021 kl. 03:06
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Apply frostbite ointment to the affected area

If frostbite is already serious, apply frostbite ointment to the affected area, wrap it with gauze, and heat it with a hair dryer. When you have stomach pain, you can use a hair dryer to blow on the stomach for a while, which can effectively relieve the pain. At this time, the hair dryer comes in handy, and the dust can be blown out in the corner. Relieving nasal congestion and runny nose during the season change, have you been hit by the flu?

When you have a cold The most annoying thing is the stuffy nose and I feel like I can’t breathe. Before putting on the shoes, we can blow the hot air of the hair dryer into the shoes for a while. This filter is relatively special. Blow hot air on the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes each time for about a month, and the symptoms of frozen shoulder can be improved. If the screw is rusty, you can dip a rag head with a carbonated drink such as cola and stick Ionic Brushes Manufacturers it on the rusty screw. When you have a headache, you can use the hot air of a hair dryer to blow on your spine.Isn’t it the first time I heard that? Before cleansing the face, use the hair dryer to blow a little far from the face for a while to open the pores and clean more thoroughly! 

However, foot sweat not only affects the comfort of wearing shoes, it can also cause mold infection in severe cases, which is very scary. I want to take painkillers but are afraid of side effects. We all know that the back of the ordinary hair dryer is more difficult to take care of, so how to clean the back of the hair dryer? The role and use of a hair dryer. Some people are prone to frostbite in winter, and the hair dryer can also help cure frostbite. 2. In addition to wax, the wax accidentally drips on the table or the floor, and hard scratches will inevitably leave marks. Life Tips 10. The purpose is to make the hairstyle more durable and not easily deformed. Relieve stomach pain.

Note: Keep a certain distance, don't have too much wind, and be careful of burns! 3. If they are not treated regularly, the cooling effect will be affected. Just after taking a shower, the mirror is always foggy. 8. Before cleaning, unplug the refrigerator and blow it with a hair dryer for a while, the frost will be easier to melt. Relieve fatigue. Heat; at the same time, gently rubbing and massage with fingers can relieve pain and recover easily! Not only stiff neck, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, muscle aches, cramps, foot cramps, etc. It is easy to pull it out after a few minutes. Many people know that hair dryers are used to wet hair, but they don't know that dry hair can also be blown, which can relieve fatigue.

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