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Oprettet 6. April 2021 kl. 04:54
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Letters are usually flat-wrapped needles

If it is a small letter, a bottom line is enough. This part may sometimes be ignored. For example, a stamp similar to landscape, then the sky above must be blue, clouds are white, the sun is yellow, green grass and Shenzhen green The tree, the stem is brown, the flowers are red, and the flying line is white geese. Denim can be slightly denser. When we are finishing a pattern. Then the density of small letters can be about 5. Will affect the effect of the version. Letters are usually flat-wrapped needles, and the filling is usually processed with tatami and large area needles. For example, when doing foreign orders. Today I will tell you about the seven habits of a good pattern maker. Usually when using pins.

The density can be slightly relaxed. He waited for his feet. The effect of this kind of primer is to stabilize the entire pattern without deformation. The whole version will be clearly seen without blurring. Don't get confused. There is another situation, such as making some small letters on the embroidered filling. Often encounter some, such as boats, anchors, etc. It is now used as a bottom line. What fabric is used and what density. The pin is locked to get out of the money. 5 stitch method The use of the bottom thread. And the rope around it can be processed with stitches made of some small patterns. I personally think that if flat needles can be used, other meters are not necessary.

There are, for example, small stars and the number of stars and details. If letters are to be typed on this, the colors of the letters will be distinguished from the colors previously used, and the colors of the letters must be different from the previous ones to increase the contrast of the colors. Whether the bottom thread of the thin needle is offset, etc. This requires us to study the picture. Lock the stitches when wrapping, and lock the stitches before trimming. Too long will easily expose the bottom line and affect the effect. Usually in the case of large area filling. So when is the lock pin used?

For example, when the stitch step is relatively long when making big letters, if the stitch is not locked at this time, the thread may fall off. So what about the use of these stitches? What acupuncture method should be used under what circumstances. For example, silk and satin can be used around 5-6. 2 The use of acupuncture and special acupuncture. It is a good habit. There will be no jagged etc. Sequin Embroidery Machine Suppliers This is because the machine will exert a pressure or tension on the embroidered thread during embroidering. Many bottom threads will cause wrinkles and line exposure. The United States is white, blue, and red. Then you have to say what material it embroiders. 6 Lock the needle. How many.

Of course, at this time, the stats cannot be the usual density. To stabilize the fabric, so that the noodle thread produced has a good surface effect. Learn about the form, pattern, layout, format and color of the picture. In this case, it is necessary to know the color matching. In this case, you have to understand the colors used. The bottom line needs to be more. The effect is also good. You may also know some of the usual stitches.2. This is because the stitches will penetrate into the fabric when embroidering, resulting in not neat, jagged and unsightly effects. Such as small points. Then it must be a good habit. You can use about 3-4.

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Letters are usually flat-...

If it is a small letter, a bottom line is enough. This p...