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Oprettet 18. August 2021 kl. 03:32
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Cut the screw wire to a suitable length

Annealing is to put the wire in a constant temperature furnace for 3-4 hours, then take it out and cool it naturally, and then go through a pickling process to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the wire., is a professional screw factory worth entrusting!. Let me explain the cold heading process from several aspects.

Principle of Cold Heading: Cut the screw wire to a suitable length, select a suitable mold according to the drawing, and squeeze the wire with a cold heading machine to produce plastic deformation, so as to achieve the shape required by the drawing. To put it simply, the first is high temperature quenching, then medium temperature heating, and then low temperature carburizing treatment. There is also a similar process called hot heading, which is to burn the screw wire red to soften the material, and then perform upsetting. The quality of a screw is not only the process of cold heading, but also the heat treatment of the finished product. Under normal circumstances, this process is not used. The heat treatment method requires different processes according to the material of the screw.

The cold heading process of nuts and screws is the same. Like some screws with external hexagon, internal hexagon and cross hole, they are generally produced in this way, but some other work needs to be done before cold heading. Maybe you don't know much about cold heading.Cold heading process for special screws other than hexagonal screws Most of the screws used in many parts Home Tools Factory of the industry are produced through the cold heading process. The cold heading process is very common in the manufacturing industry. The main production and sales of screws, anti-theft screws, special screws, non-standard screws, stainless steel screws, aluminum studs, etc.

Like the more common screws we usually use, they can be produced by cold heading, which can reach 300-400 per minute, and the efficiency is already very high. This method can also be called red heading. There are many screw materials that can be used for cold heading, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass. This process is generally used to produce screws with larger specifications, and its precision is not high.

The cold heading process is generally used when the quantity is large, and the production of screws by cold heading will be very fast and can reduce material waste. Most of the current cold heading machines are mostly multi-attack, because it can complete the processes of cutting, head forming, chamfering, and screwing the wire step by step in order. Now the hardness will be lower after annealing, so that the machine cold heading is easier. Before cold heading, the wire must be annealed

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