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Oprettet 16. September 2021 kl. 02:32
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The appropriate lighting method should be selected

The appropriate lighting method should be selected according to the shape of the waterscape and the reflection of the water surface. Lighting fixtures should be considered as elements of the landscape, and the setting of lighting fixtures should be avoided to affect the view of the landscape; In general, parks and squares are important places for people to live and relax. The lighting design of park trees should meet the following lighting requirements: Warm and bright atmosphere.

When lighting, it is necessary to consider the leaf shape and characteristics and colors of deciduous trees, the influence of evergreen trees and seasonal change factors on the lighting of trees, determine the level of illumination of the trees and choose the color table of the lighting source; The lighting of trees should carefully choose the appropriate irradiation method and the location of the lighting fixtures; try to avoid excessively long lighting and the installation of lighting fixtures to have corresponding effects on the growth of animals and plants; do not deal with precious names such as ancient trees. Related tags:led model light manufacturers.

The landscape lighting of green spaces and trees should be people-oriented, and should avoid glare from people's viewing angles and light pollution to the environment,wholesale decorative solar lighting and create a way for citizens to improve their nightlife., are all green leisure places developed by people. Waterscape lighting should be concealed according to the requirements of the landscape, and the appearance effect of protective measures taken when there is no water and when it freezes in winter should be taken into consideration; Try to avoid glare from the viewing angle of passers-by or some light pollution to the environment.

Nowadays, the progress of urbanization is accelerating and people have more and more leisure places, so people have gradually begun to pay attention to the development of greening. The lighting sources, lamps and their electrical accessories meet the protection and safety requirements for water use specified in Appendix C of this code, and should be easy to maintain and manage; The importance of night lighting projects in parks and squares is self-evident. Try to avoid the influence of spilled light on the viewing of the landscape or the surrounding environment

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