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Oprettet 8. November 2021 kl. 06:29
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Do you really know the correct way to use the impeller aerator?

Do you really know the correct way to use the impeller aerator? Turn on the impeller aerator during the rainy day. Many farmers think that there is insufficient oxygen in fish ponds on rainy days, so the impeller aerator should be turned on. In fact, this is a very wrong way to start. The correct way is to prohibit starting the machine on rainy days, because although photosynthesis is poor in rainy days, the oxygenation effect is much stronger than mechanical oxygenation. This bit of oxygen should be stored on the surface of the fish pond for the fish to use at night.

If the system is turned on during the rainy day, only a small amount of dissolved oxygen is stirred to the bottom of the tank and used by organic matter. If the dissolved oxygen in the tank cannot be fully replenished at night, hypoxia is likely to occur.After 4:00 am and 4:00 pm on a sunny day, turn on the impeller aerator. On some sunny mornings, the impeller aerator will also operate, which is thought to increase oxygen. In fact,Wholesale paddle wheel aerator suppliers this is the wrong way to start. Since the mechanical aeration effect of the impeller aerator is much lower than that of the biological aerator, as long as the fish leaves the impeller aerator in the morning, it should be stopped immediately.

Some farmers think that the stocking density of fish ponds is high and the water quality is poor, so they turn on the impeller aerator when it is dark. In fact, as long as the fish pond is not close to hypoxia from 4 pm to night, it does not need to be turned on, because the opportunity to open at this time consumes the dissolved oxygen on the surface of the pool water in advance and accelerates the nighttime hypoxia.

The wind does not turn on on a sunny day. Some farmers believe that the wind has the effect of increasing oxygen and they cannot turn on the machine at noon on a sunny day. In fact, this is not entirely accurate. The wind has an oxidizing effect, but the convection effect on the pool water is not strong. The oxygen-enriched pool water on the surface is difficult to flow to the bottom of the pool. Only when the temperature drops suddenly, the surface pool water can effectively flow to the bottom of the pool. Therefore, in addition to this situation, the machine should be turned on at noon on a sunny day regardless of whether there is wind. The company's main business: impeller type aerator production, impeller type aerator prices, impeller type aerator manufacturers, impeller type aerator sales

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