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Oprettet 7. December 2021 kl. 02:02
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The automotive industry is the most important application category

Therefore, China still has a way to go to develop energy-saving powder coatings. According to preliminary estimates, compared with powder coatings cured at 180°C—200°C, the power saving is about 40%. This situation not only reflects the gap between Chinese coatings and the United States in terms of technology, education, legislation, specifications, and scientific research, but also reflects the institutional obscurity of the Chinese government’s investment in technological innovation, and also reflects the scope and strength of powder coatings companies.

Position, and the right to speak are not important. It is the most widely used type in the current powder coatings. Cement plastering, pasting stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Good decoration (resistance to over-baking, leveling, fullness of appearance), excellent adhesion and other physical properties, lower cost, obviously better than pure epoxy powder coating, but corrosion resistance and hardness are slightly worse. can be stopped directly on the waterproof membrane.

The analysis believes that, stimulated by the strong demand in various application areas, the low-temperature curing coatings market is developing well, Wholesale ral 7035 powder coating Suppliers and its application areas mainly include the automobile industry, construction industry, furniture manufacturing, and heavy machinery manufacturing. The final coating is a completely different form from ordinary coatings, and it exists in the state of fine powder.

Since no solvent is used, it is called powder coating. In the field of consumer goods, especially in the washing machine, refrigerator, and home appliance manufacturing industries in the Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries, the demand for low-temperature curing powder coatings is growing significantly. Among them, the automotive industry is the most important application category..

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