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Oprettet 7. December 2021 kl. 03:28
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Advantages of frequency conversion aerator

Advantages of frequency conversion aerator.frequency conversion aerator energy saving: more than 30% energy saving than previous machines.Environmental protection of variable frequency aerator: no gearbox, no refueling, no pollution.  

The frequency conversion aerator is maintenance-free: there is no gear box, and the daily maintenance of changing gear oil is not required.Frequency conversion aerator low noise: no gearbox rotation, effectively reduce noise and improve the breeding environment.  

Inverter aerator and sunscreen: equipped with phase loss and overload protection, effectively preventing the overall failure of the unit.Ultra-wide voltage normal operation: three-phase voltage 200~400V, single-phase voltage 90~250V, grid voltage is too low, unstable, etc.,Wholesale Solar Powered Shrimp Feeder Machinery the equipment will not burn. The company's main business: variable frequency aerator company, variable frequency aerator manufacturer, variable frequency aerator unit, variable frequency aeratorThe company has a group of key personnel who have been engaged in the design and production process research of Roots aerators, aquatic aerators, and aerators for many years.

The company's leading products include various types of aerators such as Roots aerators, aerators, and aquatic products. The products produced by our company have the characteristics of reasonable structure, small size, high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance. This product has been widely used in sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, mining, chemical industry, smelting, building materials, electric power, flour, vacuum packaging and aquaculture industries. Machinery looks forward to working with you to cooperate and develop together!

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