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Oprettet 15. March 2022 kl. 02:49
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There are many main uses of this submersible mixer

How to improve the sewage capacity of the diving mixer? The oxygen generator is told everyone! For submersible mixers, more important is to talk about the mixing capacity of machine equipment, while tall Zending resolutions of machine equipment mixing work ability is a total sewage treatment capacity of commodities. Preparation of drip screws in sealing. First introduction of new oils in the oil chamber; assume that the amount of oil exceeds 0.

It is assumed that the amount of oil is below O.1 ml / h, then dripping again; after the diving mixer is running for seven days, then check the oil; assuming that the amount of oil is still more than 0. Due to the separation of oil and water, the first discharge liquid indicates that the leak will save, tap the screw until there is a neat oil. The formation of stirring equipment is all so that the mixing of the substance and its incidental effectiveness have a must buffer, referring to such a stirrer, I think the diving mixer at this stage is a more typical device.

For the process of sewage treatment, such agitation is still very necessary, which is the form of expression of improvement and sewage treatment.1ml / h, will be mechanical equipment The sealed ring is damaged; the other pays for Deep Water Jet Aerators Factory the oil plug, it is not enough, assuming that there is a leak, the motor stator chamber will be used to block the screw to prevent the oil, such as the motor stator, penetrate into the liquid, skew Machine equipment facilitates flow out of liquid flow in the motor stator chamber.1ML / h, and the machine seal belongs to everything.

At this stage, there are many main uses of this submersible mixer, and there are many sewage sewage of industrial production and day sewage, and the submersible mixer is fully utilized in industrial wastewater treatment. The effectiveness of diving mixers is that in the pool, it is mixed and stirred for substances, and it is not easy to promote substance. According to the disassembly of the oil screw to check the oil, the inspection of the oil condition can grasp if there is a leak.

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