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Oprettet 1. April 2022 kl. 06:29
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The worse the fluidity of the powder

The larger the pile powder angle, the worse the fluidity of the powder, and vice versa, the better the fluidity.The influence on coating construction In the electrostatic spraying process of powder coatings, the powder with good fluidity, like water boiling, looks very fluffy and has a flowing water-like effect, from the powder supply bucket* With the spray gun, the powder is transported lightly, and the powder is atomized well from the nozzle, which overcomes the production abnormalities such as spraying gun blocking or 'powder spitting' caused by powder coating agglomeration.

Anti-caking agent 466 is made of inorganic minerals as the main body and auxiliary organic surfactant. When the molecular weight increases to a certain extent, the glass transition temperature of the polymer does not change significantly.standard funnel method (Hall flow meter) This method is mainly used to detect the fluidity of metal powder, measuring the time required for 50g of metal powder to flow through a standard size funnel hole, unit s/ 50g, the longer the use time, the worse the fluidity, and vice versa, the better the fluidity., which require scientific and technical personnel to continuously explore in production. Adhesion and clumping can't mix it evenly.

The glass transition temperature of the powder coating resin determines the flowability and storage stability of the powder coating.The glass transition temperature increases with the increase of molecular weight. During the product packaging process, the powder begins to agglomerate. The angle of repose is a direct detection method for powder fluidity.

In the RAL powder coating Suppliers case of ensuring the appearance of the coating film, try to choose a resin and curing agent with a high glass transition temperature. Powder coating fluidity and its detection.Powder fluidity refers to the degree to which the powder coating is fluidized by air in the fluidized bed, and it is an important basis for evaluating the construction performance of powder coatings.

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