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Oprettet 13. May 2022 kl. 03:57
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The fixed form is composed of fixed pliers

It can hold mold fixture and mechanical parts, and the clamp is used for processing of metal workpieces. The fist just comes to the jaw, and the length and width of the tong table depends on the work. The guide nut and the tail of the screw are combined to drive the active pliers to loosen or close. The pliers are cast into one with the fixed pliers, and there are holes on both sides for installation on the workbench. It does not have to be fixed in a certain place.

The difference between the table clamp -type table clamping tiger clamp and the tiger tiger clamp is that the table clamp tiger clamp is an additional spiral clamping device below. 4. Connect to the workbench through the bolt. The upper toothed mouth of the multi -purpose Taiwanese tiger tiger clamp Multi -purpose Taiwan tiger clamp is the same as that of the general Taiwanese tiger clamp, but there is an additional pair of tube clamps in the lower part, which is used for the use of steel pipes or cylindrical workpieces; There is a pair of V -shaped steel clamps, which are used for vertical blessing of round workpieces and iron plates.Terrace, also known as the tiger tongs. In addition, the middle holes of the turning base should be facing, so that the fitter table is more stressed, and the height of the operator after working on the tiger tiger tiger on the tiger table is more appropriate.

There are four common types of Taiwanese tiger pliers.Light, easy to disassemble and carry, it is suitable for the industrial processing assembly of instrument and instrument, and repairs the use of small workpieces. Let's talk about these four different types of Taiwanese tiger clams. Activating its fixed pliers is not directly installed on the workbench, but is installed on a rotatable base, fixing the fixed body on the base by locking the handle; there are 3 or 4 threaded industrial hooks Factory holes in the base. Obstacles. It is one of the widely used tools in mechanical maintenance.

The fixed form is composed of fixed pliers, active pliers, screws (screws), handles, clamp mouth and guide nuts (as shown below). Warm reminder: When the Tiger tiger is installed on the platform during the operation, the working surface of the fixed pliers must be located on the edge of the plievant. Qi Ping is suitable, that is, the elbow is placed in the Taiwan tiger tongs and the height of the height is half -fist

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