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Oprettet 16. May 2022 kl. 10:19
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Concentrating superior companies and enhancing capabilities

Under the combined effect of upstream and downstream pressures, powder coating companies have greatly reduced their profit margins, and even some companies have already experienced losses. Entering 2010, my country's powder coatings industry is experiencing chills.com, the powder coating market in my country is unevenly distributed.

For example, after the integration, several companies are concentrated to produce a large category of powder coating products to ensure good product quality and ensure market supply.*The coating industry has developed at an alarming speed in the past two years: At the beginning of the crisis, the overall market environment led to a stagnation of sales, the price of raw materials has shrunk by nearly half, and the development of powder coatings has fallen to the bottom.

The characteristics of domestic powder coating factories are: wide distribution, low product quality,aluminum profile powder coatings weak research and development technology, and no independent brand. In 2009, with the expansion of national infrastructure, home appliances to the countryside, and the rapid recovery of the real estate market, the powder coating industry achieved a slow recovery after the financial crisis. Advantages of integration: Concentrating superior companies and enhancing capabilities.

The integrated powder coating industry can give full play to the company's own advantages. Foreign companies have good brand awareness, stable product performance, and strong capabilities. At the end of 2008, the state promulgated a four trillion investment national policy. The shadow of Europe and the United States affected by the financial crisis will not be eliminated in the short term. On the contrary, rising raw material prices, transportation costs, and powder coatings market with little room for price increase have formed a sharp contrast.

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