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Oprettet 31. May 2022 kl. 02:35
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The stairs north of the site of grace lead towards

The stairs north of the site of grace lead towards the point of activation of The Radahn's Great Rune. To get the Godslayer's Greatsword take a turn to the south and descend the stairs. Be on the lookout for the two Redmane soldiers at the bottom. One of them is hidden around the corner. What is next is What follows is FromSoft feature that's as iconic as Miyazaki's love affair with poisonous swamps, the classic "drop from the ledge, making your way to the bottom of the pit" set piece. (See also The Great Hollow, Majula, and the Hunter's Workshop). The journey is relatively straightforward: your first goal is the cage elevator that has the Redmane soldier guarding it located on the left side of your starting point. The strut that is cracked in your path is likely to break under the weight of your body, but it's a scripted event, so you'll be spared any injury from the fall . It's the way you should follow. Go up the elevator and follow the hallway curving to the back of the tower. Go up down the ladder, then open doors at the top. This is an exit back to your last site of grace. There's a blackflame monk further down the hallway, with plenty of poise and threatening incantations, but he shouldn't pose as a threat. At the end of the hallway, jump off the ledge to your left . You will then follow the curvature around the tower until you're directly above another cracked strut. Similar to the one above, it will break and you are scripted to survive--there is no alternative route to the top of the tower. I did experience this glitch out and the fall killed me twice, before causing no damage the third time around. If this happens to you, keep returning via the shortcut and attempting the leap until you land safely near the elevator. Then, take it to another holy spot, and past another blackflame monk you'll come across the door leading to Godskin's Apostle. If you want to know more about Elden Ring Runes,you can visit https://www.mmoexp.com/Elden-ring/Runes.html

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