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Marie Kettering
Oprettet 30. June 2022 kl. 02:16
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Old School Runescape (OSRS) Druidic Ritual Quest

In the strone circle to the north of Taverley you will find Kagemeex. Begin the quest by speaking with OSRS Gold. The man will give you details about the stone circle in the south of Varrock, which is now controlled by the dark wizards. However, some time ago, it was home to the locals. Following that, he advises you to talk to Sanfew. Chatting with Kaqemeex. Sanfew Things required: None. To contact Sanfew, take the highway south. You'll find him upstairs in the herb-themed the big octagonal Herblore shop. For a better navigation search for the long structures that contain the Crystal checkpoint, since you will only need two buildings south of it. Once you have reached the location you will need to inform Sanfew the reason you were sent to help purify the stone circle within Varrock. Sanfew will ask you to go to the Cauldron of Thunder, where it is necessary to set in the Cauldron of Thunder raw rat meat, bear meat, beef that is raw and chicken that is raw. These items must be obtained prior to beginning the quest. You can buy them at the Grand Exchange. Are you having trouble finding gold? It's not a problem. Teleport to Varrock and start running to the east of the city. Or buy some here at the rsorder! In order to use them, you must take care of these: Rat right next to the mine to the south east Bear to the south from the mine The chicken south of Lumbridge The cow is in the pasture It could take a while to locate all of them, therefore it's not the best option if your priority is your time or you're an Ironman this means that Grand Exchange is not an alternative either. If you have unlocked the route to Canifis Find Rufus' Meat Market there and pick up all four types of meat within it. The meat is enchanted Items needed: Raw chicken, raw bear meat, raw beef and raw the rat's meat. Cauldron of Thunder location. Take a trip towards Taverley Dungeon, as the Cauldron of Thunder is located there. Make sure you have food for the next level, if you're in a lower class. Don't bother asking why simply take it and you'll be grateful in the future. After arriving in Taverley take a left and head south through the middle of the staircase. Go towards the north, and cross levels 22 and 25. and then Skeletons, and finally reach the gate. There you will find two level 19 suits of armour. Note That if your level of combat is below 55. Both of them will come into play when you try to open the gate and attempt to attack you. It's totally up to you whether to kill or ignore them. Make the decision. It's the moment you get to see a Cauldron. Utilize the raw meats that you've gotten previously from the Cauldron of Thunder. If everything is done properly, you will notice how they change color to blue. All meats can change into their enchanted counterparts: Enchanted beef, enchanted bear as well as enchanted rat, enchanted bear and enchan chicken. The meats are enchanted. Going back Items needed: Enchanted chicken, enchanted beef and enchanted rat, enchanted bear. When you leave the dungeon same way as you came in RuneScape Gold. He will instruct you to talk to Kagemeex and then take your meats. You will not only receive thanks from Kaqemeex He will also share with you the ability of Herblore.

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