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Oprettet 10. August 2022 kl. 02:40
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The powder should not be exposed to the air at will

From the industrial scale, the most widely used Hans reduction method, atomization method and electrolysis method.Making powder is the first step of powder metallurgy. In order to meet the various requirements for powders, there are also various methods for producing powders. Some methods such as vapor deposition and liquid deposition are also important in special applications.What is the difference between spray and powder coating? Powder electrostatic spraying is the electrostatic field generated by the tributary high voltage of the discharge needle at the head of the spray gun and the grounding of the workpiece waiting to be sprayed, so that a large number of free electrons are generated in the air.

The powder leaving the spray gun captures these free electrons in an electric field and electrostatically attaches to the workpiece to finish spraying. However, since the powder captures a large number of free electrons, the sprayed surface is prone to counter electric fields and electrostatic shielding. In electrostatic spraying, the shape of the workpiece, the type of powder and the size of the powder are the prerequisites for the selection of the spraying process. Powder coatings Generally speaking, the voltage for flat workpieces is higher, and the voltage for geometrical and dead-angle workpieces should be lower.

There are not many dead corners of the sprayed workpiece, the column groove is not deep, and the circular nozzle is used; there are many dead corners,Decorative powder coatings Company and the large-area electrostatic shielding workpiece adopts the flat seam outlet flat nozzle, because the discharge is aimed at the inside of the nozzle, the electrostatic shielding should be greatly reduced.

How to properly store plastic powder in high temperature in summer? Keep away from fire sources, avoid direct sunlight, and place in a well-ventilated place with a temperature below 30°C. Avoid storage in places susceptible to contamination by water, organic solvents, oils and other substances.

After use, the powder should not be exposed to the air at will, and the bag should be covered or tightly closed at any time to prevent debris from being mixed in. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin, wash the powder on the skin with soapy water, not solvent. The equipment used in the painting operation should be well cleaned of static electricity. Prevent the unprovoked discharge of the spray equipment.

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