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Oprettet 10. August 2022 kl. 02:57
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PP material is particularly soft

It is a product of daily life demand. The use of the bottle blank is still properly, and the use is that it can be used as an intermediate. It is assumed that there is an unexpected address that can be simply corrected, and it is not a waste to become a waste.

It will naturally be better to invest in the manufacturing of the trial in the mold.Therefore, it can only be made into a bottom type blister, because it is easy, such blister should not be recovered. This material is often required to replace PVC, and PET materials are generally used to make plastic bottles, food packaging boxes, etc.

What is the use of PVCZ-commonly used plastic plastic plastic materials, soft, toughness, good plasticity, can be made into transparent and various colors, commonly used transparent PVC packaging electronics, chemical, toy gifts and other products. The disadvantage is that PET high-week is more difficult, and the price is much more expensive than Empty Travel Bottle Manufacturers PVC. The content of the article comes from the network. PET is hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmentally friendly, and transparent and multiple colors.

PP material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmentally friendly, high temperature resistance, often made into catering instruments or other high-temperature products packaging; but its plasticity is poor, the processing is difficult, the surface gloss is poor, and the color will be shallow . PS density is small (light), environmentally friendly non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness is crisp, and cannot be made into a concise material

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