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Oprettet 21. September 2022 kl. 06:53
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The tapered roller bearing here is caused

When the shear stress non-standard bearings exceeds the fatigue limit of its material, it produces fatigue cracks. With the role of circulating load, fatigue cracks are expanded along the crystal boundary to form a peeling, causing early fatigue failure. The hardness of the roller makes it enhances the ability of the inner ring to block the roller. Therefore, when the bearing works, the roller is greatly shear stress and produces stress concentration.

Tapered roller bearing inner roller roller roller edge is due to improper adjustment of the position adjustment of the raceway and the grinding wheel in the inner ring raceway, or the width of the grinding wheel is caused. It can be seen from the above analysis, and the tapered roller bearing here is caused by the boundary of the inner ring roller during the grinding process.

What is the reason for this early damage caused by a tapered roller bearing? The following small series tells you that the reason why this tapered roller bearing has mainly failed: tapered roller bearings The hardness of the sleeve sleeve does not match the hardness of the roller, the hardness of the inner ring is slightly higher.

Tapered roller bearing contact between the roller and the roller under zero load conditions is a line contact, since the inner ring roller grinding edge, thereby causing the contact between the contact between the rollers to become contact Approximate point contact.

Therefore, in the grinding process, the inner ring roller must ensure that the grinding wheel width is selected and the inner ring raceway is accurate, avoiding the generation of the inner ring roller, thereby avoiding the early failure of the bearing

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