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Oprettet 21. January 2019 kl. 01:42
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Design Waste Processing Creation Line

Uncooked product:Development waste Generation capability:50-500t / h Max feeding sizing:1000mm Purposes:Building squander recycling job Design Squander Processing Production Line To adapt the need of urban modernization design and switch the construction squander into wealth, the researchers of We commit on the investigation and enhancement and at last effectively launch total set of building squander processing tools. This production line is composed of SGP Crusher Equipment Cost , effects crusher, vertical shaft effect crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating display and feeder device which often can accomplish crushing and screening on the design wastes. Right after optimization and enhancement, its toughness is greater, general performance is better and construction is much more compact. This generation line has the capabilities of dependable and secure performance, superior mobility, reduced transportation charge, adaptable blend, solid adaptability and easy routine maintenance as well as the final goods made by this generation line may be broadly employed in baking-free brick, street basis and creating market.

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